Small serves 4-6 guests | Medium serves 7-10 | Large serves 11-15

Pieces(Pcs) vary by serving.

Your choice of sauces: House chili, sweet soy, light-soy, fish sauce, Saracha.






Cha SiuBao BBQ Pork Bun

Tender roasted char suipork loin marinated in our own sweet mesquite Chinese barbeque sauce, served in a delicately steamed bao sweet bun

$8 (6pcs) $12 (10pcs) $16 (15pcs)



AzukiBa-ozi Red Bean Bun

Our fresh sweet bao stuffed with lightly sugared (honeyed) redazuki bean paste steamed to perfection.

$8 (6pcs) $12 (10pcs) $16 (15pcs)


Shrimp Dumplings HarGow

Plump and juicy shrimp minced with rich bamboo shoots and steamed in translucent dumpling skins.

$10 (12pcs) $16 (20pcs) $24 (32pcs)


Shrimp Shao Mai

Shrimp diced with fresh lemongrass, ground ginger, and minced water chestnuts steamed in our delicately hand-wrapped dumpling skins.

$10 (12pcs) $16 (20pcs) $24 (32pcs)


Pork Shao Mai: house favorite

Freshly ground pork cuts tossed with herb encrusted shitake mushrooms, spring onions and minced water chestnuts all delicately steamed in our translucent hand-wrapped dumpling sheets.

$9 (12pcs) $14 (20pcs) $20 (32pcs)



Shahe Fen Rice Noodle Roll with Beef: a popular delight from southern Canton.

Savory ground beef hand wrapped in a steamed rice noodle roll dressed with a gently warmed sweet soy sauce.

$10 (12pcs) $16 (20pcs) $23 (30pcs)


Rice Noodle Roll with Shrimp: The Dim Sum Standard

Fresh Jumbo Shrimp hand wrapped in a succulent steamed rice noodle roll, dressed with a gently warmed sweet soy sauce.

$10 (12pcs) $16 (20pcs) $23 (30pcs)






Chinese Pork Dumplings

Tender Pork cuts chopped with fresh Napa cabbage and diced Shittake mushrooms generously hand-wrapped ina fresh dumpling wrapper.

$14 (20pcs) $26 (40pcs) $38 (60pcs)



Seafood Dumplings

Plumb shrimp lightly seasoned and diced withfresh bamboo shoots delicately clothed in a dumpling wrapper.

$15 (20pcs) $26 (40pcs) $40 (60pcs)



Pan Fried GuotiePork Dumplings: The Old time favorite dry-fried pot-sticker!

Seasoned ground pork cuts, diced in fresh Napa cabbage and seared into a crispy dumpling-wrapped delight!

$18 (20pcs) $35 (40pcs) $50 (60pcs)




Crispy Favorites



Sesame Sweet Balls

Sweet Azuki bean paste floured and topped with sesame seeds and fried to crispy perfection!

$6 (6pcs) $9 (10pcs) $16 (20pcs)



Golden Stuffed Crab Claws

Fresh crab claw meat diced with succulent shrimp, coated with bread crumbs and fried to a golden crisp.

$10 (6pcs) $15 (10pcs) $28 (20pcs)



Crab Puffs: The Chefs Favorite

A special treat of imitation crab and plump shrimp, diced in fresh bamboo sprigs, seasoned, fried and topped with crispy wonton strips.

$10 (6pcs) $15 (10pcs) $28 (20pcs)






Milk Custard Bun: Lai Wong Bao

Steamed-soft sweet bun filled with a rich and lightly sugared whipped egg yolk

$6 (6pcs) $9 (10pcs) $13 (15pcs)



Hong Dao Crispy Cake

East Asian sweetened AzukiRed Beans softened into paste, stuffed and baked into a golden flaky crust

$9 (6pcs) $15 (10pcs) $22 (15pcs)




Lotus Seed Cake: Mooncake!

Lotus seed paste combined with chopped walnuts and baked inside a lightly-sweeteneddough and topped with sesame seeds.

$9 (6pcs) $15 (10pcs) $22 (15pcs)



Sweet Nian Gao Rice Cake: classic Chinese dessert of growth and renewal!

Coconut-sweetened fluffy glutinous rice cake

$4 (6pcs) $8 (10pcs) $12 (15pcs)




Vegetarian Dishes



Veggie-lovers Tofu Roll

Fresh bamboo shoots and grated carrots diced with black mushrooms hand-wrapped and pan fried into a thin crispy tofu sheet.

$4 (6pcs)$6 (10pcs) $8 (14pcs)


Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls

Fresh Veggies stuffed and lightly fried in a grab and go snack!

$8 (12pcs) $12 (20pcs) $16 (30pcs)


Vegetarian Dumplings

An assortment of herb spiced Shiitake Mushrooms, fresh Napa cabbage, firm tofu and minced water chestnuts dressed in a hand wrapped dumpling skin.

$15 (20pcs) $28 (40pcs) $42 (60pcs)


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