Our Story

Dim Sum To Go started out as an abstract idea that we talked about at our own dinner table eating with friends and family. Dad knew That he could use his experiences in the consumer grocery market to pursue a vision of expanding Dim Sum or “Dian Xin” from the traditional weekend brunch served in Chinese cuisine. He wanted to provide the same delicious menu items all day, every day, to meet the needs of the fast passed lifestyle of today’s Houstonians, while maintaining the traditional cooking techniques that have made Dim Sum a favorite in china since ancient Merchants first started sharing these dishes on the silk roads. In the spirit of these travelers, Dim Sum To Go reclaims and brings you exactly that! Our dishes are prepared to encourage experimentation with as many dim sums as possible in order to experience the subtle differences and broad spectrum of flavors in the popular dishes. Join us as we celebrate our 8th anniversary and the accomplishment of providing exquisite food in the first and only true “To Go” Dim Sum spot in Houston!
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